At GeoDigital International, we strive to meet the unique needs of our clients.  We provide laser based solutions for field data acquisition, asset mapping and visual infrared inspection – providing turnkey solutions for the Electric Utility, Highway & Road, Railway, Pipeline, Telecommunications, Fire Mapping and Utility Vegetation Management industries.

 Our Philosophy:

  • Strive to earn the trust and loyalty of our customers every day
  • Work meticulously with our customers to define specific program goals and deliverable specifications
  • Execute our field work safely and cost-effectively using technologies most suited to the job
  • Turn quality data into clear, concise, actionable information in a timely fashion
  • Ensure all data is integrated into our client’s business environment and that it works efficiently
  • Guarantee our solutions and ensure they enable our clients to meet and document regulatory compliance

Our passion for innovatively integrating state-of-the-art equipment and leading edge technologies with unrivaled expertise coupled with our relentless commitment to excellence has become the hallmark of our team of veteran engineers, project planners, pilots, data researchers and analysts.

This dedication and passion has enabled GeoDigital to develop custom tailored industry solutions that provide a level of service beyond any other in the industry. Our enterprise solutions enable GeoDigital to continually deliver geographically referenced data and detailed actionable information in customized formats, quickly and reliably – improving efficiency and reducing both costs and timelines.  This is the GeoDigital advantage! 

GeoDigital is committed to building long-term relationships with our clients by providing quality service custom-tailored to their needs backed by personalized customer support.

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