White Papers

Grid^Intel Process and Benefits
This whitepaper outlines the unique elements which distinguish GeoDigital’s Grid^Intel system from competitor offerings.

Quantitative vs. Qualitative Inspections?
This whitepaper outlines the true “facts about infrared operations”, specifically highlighting the differences and misconceptions between temperature measurements (quantitative) and delta measurements (qualitative) when conducting QUALITY infrared inspections. 

True “Hot Spot” or False Positive?
This whitepaper outlines the reasoning why components appear heated during infrared inspection, and highlights how GeoDigital’s on-the-spot flight procedures only identify true hot spots

Mobile LiDAR Mapping for 3D point Cloud Collection in Urban Areas
This whitepaper highlights the performance and accuracy of StreetMapper when conducting terrestrial laser scanning (TLS) for the collection of high quality 3D urban data.

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