Core Services

GeoDigital has the solution to your needs for the management and support of geographically dispersed assets.

At GeoDigital, we continually invest in new technologies that increase the value of our geospatial asset management services for our customers.  We currently service the electric utilities, utility vegetation management, highway & roads, railway, pipeline, telecom and related industries. We are always seeking new ways to leverage our expertise, technological capabilities, and corporate infrastructure to expand the industries we serve and the services we offer. 

Our core services permit our clientele to save time, lower the costs of maintenance and improve reliability while meeting the regulatory reporting requirements. 

In using GeoDigital’s turnkey asset management solutions, our customers are able to:

• Bring any asset or region in their entire network into view
• Determine site locations, conditions and topography
• Examine asset status and maintenance history
• Initiate work orders
• Access engineering grade LiDAR for design and engineering studies

Our Core Services:

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