GeoDigital’s Transmission Corridor Observation & Reporting (TCOR) system is a unique, cost-effective approach to assuring regulatory compliance.  A real time LiDAR system, TCOR offers rapid reporting and engineering quality data when required. 

The TCOR™ system utilizes regularly scheduled helicopter missions to acquire airborne inspection data, permitting detailed mapping, database updates, and analysis of infrastructure suited for viewing on a desktop PC or via our unique web mapping service.

GeoDigital's TCOR™ system works by using the latest technology to gather field data during regularly scheduled inspection flights. High resolution digital imagers and other sensors acquire continuous coverage of the right-of-way, providing updated geo-referenced datasets from every flight. Once processed and compared to previous data, our fast automated change detection software highlights areas of concern for more detailed analysis, providing our clients with the most recent dataset and maintaining the currency of their in-house GIS or our online service.

TCOR System Offers:

  • Multiple camera sensor systems acquire forward oblique, aft oblique and straight ‘down-looking’ continuous imagery
  • Down-looking imagery can be fused seamlessly via proprietary software to form map accurate corridors
  • High or low altitude lidar data acquisition and 3D modeling
  • Identification and location of all changes along the ROW's - automated change detection
  • Identification and location of all vegetation issues within the Row’s
  • Instant access to any location on any ROW for thorough examination with supplied viewers
  • A complete digital record of all Row’s for audit purposes

TCOR Automated Detection Software Features:

  • Comparative data sets to monitor encroachment or erosion issues over time
  • Secured customer-defined entry screen for logging comments, conditions, priorities, classifications
  • Reporting and work management tools for either internal or external work assignments and reporting requirements
  • Link capability to standard maintenance management programs
  • Applications to generate and track work orders


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