GeoDigital provides the most advanced airborne asset management solutions in the pipeline industry. Our systems use LIDAR combined with digital mapping cameras to produce accurately positioned assets and ROW imagery at an affordable price, in record time.

GeoDigital’s pipeline solutions enable you to manage all of your right-of-way assets and features, from structures to crossings to vegetation, all from the desktop. This not only lowers maintenance costs, it replaces traditional methods which are historically more expensive and time consuming.

GeoDigital Pipeline Services:

  • Actual, complete and high precision elevation and image data of the pipeline and the surrounding terrain, vegetation, features, hazards and obstructions - allowing the identification of High Consequence Areas (HCA)
  • Profiles of the pipeline and the surrounding terrain necessary for construction approvals, pipe replacement, and pre-construction engineering
  • Site mapping for plant construction, analysis for risk assessment and steep slope evaluation
  • Identify hazards that could endanger the pipeline structure and its surrounding environment and community.
  • Provides accurate, detailed corridor citing methodology
  • Accurate, detailed and compelling information assists public consultation stage and allows external groups to participate in the process

Improved decision-making by pipeline professionals

  • Emergency response and mitigation
  • Determination of line of sight
  • Determination of gradients of pipelines
  • Calculation of mass volumes
  • Determination of clearance to objects or vegetation
  • Comparison with planned or mapped data


  • Visual reference with survey coordinates
  • Reduced operating & maintenance costs
  • Improved system reliability
  • Early problem identification/resolution
  • Share data across the organization
  • Easy to use in any GIS platform


  • Digital Orthophoto imagery
  • Digital Terrain Model
  • HD Oblique video
  • Oblique still imagery
  • GIS survey grade accuracy
  • Asset features & coordinates
  • GIS integration

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