Railways throughout the world differ dramatically in size, type of operation and the environment in which they operate, yet all are asset intensive corridors.   GeoDigital’s asset mapping services provide customers with the information needed to ensure the safe and uninterrupted operation of railway corridors.

Recognizing that construction, modification and maintenance of railway corridors add to operating expenses for rail operators, GeoDigital has developed a unique combination of technologies to provide cost-effective solutions that assist railway operators in managing their valuable right-of-way assets from city centers to remote rural areas.

GeoDigital's Rail Corridor Observation and Reporting (RCOR™) program uses leading edge technology to gather field data during regularly scheduled airbone or rail car surveys. High resolution digital imagers and other sensors acquire continuous coverage of the right-of-way, providing updated geo-referenced datasets from every mission. Once processed and compared to previous data, our fast and automated change detection software highlights areas of concern for more detailed analysis, providing our clients with the most recent dataset to maintain the currency of their in-house or web hosted GIS.

The GeoDigital RCOR™ Solution offers:

  • Multiple camera sensor system acquiring forward oblique, aft oblique, and down-looking continuous imagery
  • Down-looking imagery can be fused seamlessly via proprietary software to form scalable mosaic strip maps and precisely measure and evaluate side encroachments
  • Airborne or mobile LiDAR data acquisition and 3D modeling
  • Identification and location of all changes along the ROWs with automated change detection
  • Instant access to any location on any ROW for thorough examination
  • A complete digital record of all ROWs for audit purposes

Our Custom Software features:

  • Comparative data sets to monitor encroachment or erosion issues over time
  • Secured customer-defined entry screen for logging comments, conditions, priorities, classifications
  • Reporting tools for either internal or external reporting requirements
  • Link capability to standard maintenance management programs
  • Applications to generate and track work orders

Specific applications of the RCOR™ Solution for the rail industry include:

  • Mapping of terrain to determine alternate locations for new track routes
  • Aerial surveying of areas adjacent to existing track for new yard locations
  • Pre-construction surveys for spur line or double tracking studies
  • Mapping of existing routes to support maintenance management
  • Asset mapping providing property identification
  • Flood plain evaluation of areas
  • Vegetation mapping
  • Detailed bridge inspections using airborne and land based LiDAR
  • Derailment investigation support
  • Data acquisition and analysis related to fires, rock/mud/snow slides
  • Client specific support in acquisition, divesture and financial restructuring of operations


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