Highways and Roads

The construction and maintenance of highways and roads is critical to people and commerce. Our airborne and terrestrial LiDAR systems provide accurate terrain models and mapping information, critical to highway planning, design and maintenance.

Traditionally the planning and design of highways utilized field surveying and photogrammetric mapping. However, these methods have proven to be time and resource intensive.  LiDAR is an alternative technology that can collect terrain data more efficiently than traditional methods. LiDAR can be collected in a large range of conditions which provides a greater window of collection opportunity and without needing to close the road or install traffic control measures to protect the safety of ground survey crews.

GeoDigital has taken LiDAR one step further by developing a unique combination of technologies that combines LiDAR with advanced imagery and operating both from the air and mobile ground vehicles. This technology provides cost-effective solutions that are not only applicable to highway construction but also the management of highway corridors and assets.

The GeoDigital Solution offers:

Airborne & Mobile LiDAR systems tailored to client needs:

  • Imagery and LiDAR can be fused seamlessly via proprietary software to form survey grade maps and allow precise measurements (virtual survey technology) 
  • Airborne or vehicle based LiDAR data acquisition and 3D modeling
  • Identification and location of all changes along the ROWs with automated change detection
  • Instant access to survey grade data for any location on any ROW via our exclusive web access technology
  • A complete digital record of all ROWs for survey and audit purposes

Our Custom Software features:

  • Virtual Survey TechnologyTM
  • Comparative data sets to monitor encroachment or erosion issues over time
  • Secured customer-defined entry screen for logging comments, conditions, priorities, classifications
  • Reporting tools for either internal or external reporting requirements

Specific application Solutions for the highway industry include:

  • Mapping of terrain to evaluate alternate highway corridors
  • Aerial surveying of areas adjacent to existing highway corridors for erosion management and environmental impact
  • Pre and post construction surveys for corridor planning, maintenance and monitoring 
  • Mapping of existing routes to support maintenance management
  • Asset mapping and road inventories
  • Flood plain evaluation of areas
  • Vegetation mapping
  • Detailed bridge inspections using airborne and land based LiDAR
  • Data acquisition and analysis related to fires, rock/mud/snow slides

For Additional Information on our Ground Based LiDAR Mapping Technology see StreetMapper

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