GeoDigital International is a leading provider of state-of-the-art LiDAR and digital imagery to engineering groups throughout the United States and Canada. With one of the largest fleets of airborne and mobile data collection platforms in North America, GeoDigital has the resources to meet the most demanding project specifications and delivery schedules.

As an engineer you know that in order to make the right decision you must have the right information. Efficient engineering analysis and design relies on accurate and timely geospatial data. GeoDigital has the resources and expertise to transform that data into information that you can rely on to solve your most challenging engineering problems.

Whether it is power transmission, telecom, pipelines, transportation or mining the engineering profession is in a transition from 2D CAD to 3D model - based design and analysis. One of the enabling technologies of this disruptive change is LiDAR, or 3D laser scanning. If you believe your engineering project would benefit from this kind of data, think GeoDigital – we want to be your 3D geospatial information provider.

Customer Benefits

  • Industry leading resources and project expertise
  • Clear project definition
  • Expert advice on most cost effective approach
  • Significant project schedule flexibility
  • Increased safety for survey personnel
  • Faster than traditional survey methods
  • High accuracy
  • Less costly than conventional methods
  • Rapid turnaround from acquisition to production of DEM and imagery

Services and Deliverables

  • Vector planimetrics
  • Classified LiDAR survey points
  • Digital elevation and multiple surface models
  • Digital ortho-photos
  • Contours
  • 3D model data in desired format
  • Data visualizations and fly throughs
  • MAP - Mobile Acquisition Platform
  • Asset mapping
  • GIS ready data tables


GeoDigital is uniquely qualified to provide planimetric and topographic mapping as well as 3D modeling to engineering professionals for feasibility studies, design, analysis, permitting, operations and construction projects. As a worldwide leader in digital mapping, GeoDigital has been instrumental in developing industry standards and revolutionary technologies for LiDAR, nadir and oblique imaging. With over 200 employees, including certified photogrammetrists, professional engineers and surveyors, GeoDigital ensures all mapping meets relevant industry, state and federal standards.

GeoDigital’s 7 offices located throughout the United States and Canada have developed a highly successful 20-year track record during which GeoDigital has acquired over 350,000 corridor miles, developed over 75,000 square miles of engineering grade surveys and catalogued more than a million assets worldwide. GeoDigital has tailored its solutions to meet today’s stringent demands for design and asset management in electric transmission, pipelines, mining, environmental, transportation, energy, urban infrastructure, hydrology and forestry.

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