GeoDigital International provides enterprise scale, geospatial intelligence – GEOINT to government, military, and commercial clients around the world. As one of the largest remote LiDAR and digital imaging providers in North America, GeoDigital is continually working with our customers to develop new technologies that transcend outdated workflows for distributing, accessing, analyzing, and acting upon GEOINT.

These include MAP – our Mobile Acquisition Platform that includes the ability to transport a helicopter and a 5 person, self-sufficient data acquisition and processing crew to a remote site anywhere in North America. And GIO, our Geospatial Intelligence Online enterprise data service that can provide online access to any and all customer data using a highly secure mobile environment.

As a compliment to our digital mapping products and services, GeoDigital also offers a video server solution that enables an unlimited number of cameras from anywhere in the world to be displayed in a virtual world on a single computer screen. Described as the next generation of video surveillance, Panopticon 3D combines multiple cameras and views from anywhere in the world into a seamless real world view.

Through the use of the Panopticon 3D fusion video experience, authorized personnel are better able to recognize and understand real time situations more easily. Once a point of interest is identified within Panopticon 3D, users are able to track movement across continuous camera boundaries while directing intercepting resources from within a single screen.

Customer Benefits

  • Industry leading resources and experienced personnel
  • Clear project definition
  • Expert advice on most cost effective approach
  • Significant project schedule flexibility
  • Rapid project turnaround
  • Highly efficient data collection schedules
  • Online access to data for the entire organization
  • Highly cost effective services

Services and Deliverables

  • State-of-the-art LiDAR and imagery
  • Classified LAS LiDAR data
  • Orthophotography
  • Digital terrain and surface models
  • State-of-the-art feature extraction and modeling
  • GIS integration
  • Land use classification
  • Automated change detection
  • 3D city models
  • Line of site analysis
  • MAP – Rapid response Mobile Acquisition Platform
  • GIO – Geospatial Intelligence Online enterprise scale data service
  • Panopticon 3D – Next generation 3D fusion video


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