The forest industry has utilized remote sensing since the earliest days of aerial photogrammetry. Traditionally this has involved using stereoscopes and manual interpretation to extract three-dimensional information about the vertical forest structure. Often this information was not reliable, adequate, or timely enough to make fully informed decisions. With the advent of laser scanning, natural resource managers are experiencing and unprecedented shift in the tools at their disposal.  GeoDigital’s (GDI) active LiDAR systems can now provide direct 3-D measurement of vegetation and terrain surfaces with accuracy that was once only imagined.

ImageTree (a division of GDI) and its patented ForestSense process combine high resolution Color Infrared (CIR) imagery, Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) and advanced biometrics to revolutionize your forest inventory accuracy while reducing your costs. This information in combination with client silviculture information forms the basis for 3-D stratification and field sample design.   Ground data are then combined with biometric equations to produce a reliable forest inventory. Literally hundreds of variables can be extracted, analyzed, and measured. As a result, you are able to leverage this data for improved forest inventories, and make more precise silviculture decisions.
The ImageTree process has also been approved for use by the Climate Action Reserve (CAR) for carbon sequestration and has been shown to reduce required field sampling by up to 50% while improving precision of the estimate.  Faster, cheaper, better inventories are now possible for all of your resource management needs.

LiDAR-derived, three-dimensional forest structure information can be used to support a range of resource management activities including:

  • Timber inventory and management
  • Forest Operations
  • Biomass density
  • Watershed management
  • Habitat monitoring
  • Fire behavior modeling

Customer Benefits

  • Unprecedented ability to quickly and accurately remotely sense and develop the three-dimensional characteristics of forest stands
  • Repeat surveys can be used to monitor and manage forest operations
  • Combine LiDAR data with GIS to support additional geospatial analysis
  • Instant access to LiDAR survey data for any location via our exclusive web access technology
  • Identification and location of all changes in a specified area with automated change detection
  • Increased scheduling flexibility due to active nature of LiDAR
  • Rapid project turnaround
  • Highly cost effective, predictable services

Services and Deliverables

  • Classified LAS data
  • Ability to derive multiple surface models
  • Digital terrain models
  • Detailed, high accuracy base -mapping
  • Digital orthophoto imagery
  • 3D modeling  and visualizations
  • Volumetric, biomass, density and crown dimension computations
  • GIS database development
  • Online data management services

Our Precision Forestry Solutions are helping customers take their vegetation management programs to the next level.

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