TECHNOLOGY (n) 1. The method of finding the answer and solving problems.

GeoDigital provides the most advanced geospatial asset management solutions in the industry. In conjunction with our aerospace engineering team at PV Labs and predecessor company (Wescam) we have been successfully co-developing “state of the art”, stabilized airborne and terrestrial remote sensing systems for government and civilian agencies for over 20 years. Our market leading systems integration expertise ensures the most innovative technology is brought together to solve your specific business need.

Our Technology Solutions feature:

• Multiple high resolution camera sensor systems:
     o  Close-up asset inspection oblique images
     o Right-of-way oblique images; multiple frames per second and over 5 times the resolution of HD video
     o Nadir, orthophotos
• Proprietary software to identify, precisely measure, and evaluate encroachments
• High or low-altitude LiDAR data acquisition and 3D modeling
• Automated, high-resolution 3D change detection:
     o Monitor & audit vegetation growth and clearing work completed along your ROW's
     o Identify new or modified man-made features
• Instant access to any location on any ROW for thorough examination using a standard web-browser and desktop software
• A complete historical digital record of all ROW’s for audit purposes

Our Technology:

TCOR - GeoDigital’s Transmission Corridor Observation & Reporting (TCOR) acquisition system is a unique, cost-effective approach to a complete three-dimensional and high-resolution visual inspection of your assets without leaving the office.

WorkStudio - GeoDigital’s WorkStudio, is a software platform designed specifically to meet the electrical utility market needs for asset inspection, vegetation management, engineering analysis and asset management. 

LinearVision Viewer - LinearVision Viewer is an unrivalled, digital video and image viewer, which enables users to instantaneously bring entire networks into view, geo-positioned and indexed to the attributes they required, at the click of a mouse.

StreetMapper - StreetMapper is a dynamic 3D mapping system which uses the very latest scanning technology, precision navigation and advanced data processing to scan cities, highways, infrastructure, buildings and trees from a moving vehicle. 

WorkStudio Online - GeoDigital’s Precision Corridor Management -PCM program provides the means to ensure compliance with NERC standard FAC-003 and produce critical vegetation clearance reports within 72 hours of data acquisition.

Core Services - GeoDigital’s PCM provides the most advanced solution for accurate 3D mapping and management of geographically dispersed assets.

GeoDigital is the solution for accurate mapping and inspection of geographically dispersed assets.


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