At GeoDigital, we specialize in providing laser based solutions for field data acquisition, asset mapping and visual infrared inspection.  We have developed custom-tailored, turnkey solutions, specifically designed to address the unique needs of the Electric Utility, Utility Vegetation Management, Pipeline, Railway, Fire Mapping, Telecommunications and Highway & Roads industries.

GeoDigital has developed solutions specifically designed to address the needs of electric utilities, by using LiDAR and imaging technology to support both engineering and operation needs.  We are a leader in the application of LiDAR for line construction, re-rating and vegetation monitoring. 

GeoDigital's utility vegetation management program provides the means to ensure FAC-003 compliance, produce critical vegetation clearance reports witthin 72 hours of data acquisition, and survey transmission lines for clearance problems, danger trees, encroachments and abnormal geometry. 

From the air or ground, GeoDigital’s advanced technologies and custom-tailored services, provide accurate, efficient, and cost-effective methods for the modeling and mapping of terrain -  critical for the planning, design, and maintenance of highways and roads. 

Choosing locations, gaining permits, designing and constructing new pipelines, or renovating existing lines are expensive initiatives.  GeoDigital, using our proprietary technology, experience and technical know-how, can help mitigate these costs and risk. 

GeoDigital’s unique combination of technologies provides railway operators with cost-effective solutions for managing corridors, and the piece of mind that these valuable assets are being maintained, are safe, reliable, and hazard free.

GeoDigital’s unparalleled experience in the mapping, monitoring, and analyzing of telecom infrastructure provides the telecommunications industry with leading edge, custom solutions for the maintenance of existing lines and the design of new lines.  


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