Big spatial data and insight driving transformation at utilities.

Every year millions of people are affected by preventable outages. In this 2 minute video, find out how GeoDigital is unleashing the power of big spatial data and insight to deliver power more reliably, safely and cost-effectively than ever before. GeoDigital solutions for utilities include vegetation management - for precise and prioritized insights to better manage vegetation and potential fire material, and our visual asset inspections solution which turns data collected by UAV, helicopter, fixed wing or ground-based methods into actionable insights. GeoDigital will keep pushing the frontiers of our digital planet to ensure reliable power delivery - With GeoDigital, the future is precisely here.

Digital roads: speeding towards automated cars.

By 2032 half of all cars sold will be self-driving and GeoDigital is leading the way there. In two minutes this video helps you understand how GeoDigital is helping make automated cars a reality. Today, our precision LiDAR and High Definition imagery is being used to create digital roads for over 200,000 miles of highway in North America. From the height of power lines and bridges to road surfaces and curvature, nothing escapes our sensors. Patent pending technology will allow maps to be updated through the industrial cloud and GeoDigital will keep driving innovation to get you where you're going. With GeoDigital, the future is precisely here.

Xcel Energy's Vegetation Management: Challenges and Solutions - Highlights edit featuring GeoDigital solution

Understand how Xcel Energy is innovating to improve vegetation management using innovative technology. This video takes highlights from the full video viewable at:

GeoDigital - the future is precisely here

Today and in our increasingly autonomous future, GeoDigital is unleashing the power of big spatial data and insight to guide people, cars, machines and infrastructure for a safer, more reliable and productive world. This video shares our 2015 brand story.