GeoDigital Insight For Utilities


Power transmission is the lifeline that powers economic productivity. Managing transmission networks and the vegetation surrounding them is a complex challenge. Combining regularly refreshed 3D data with spatial intelligence software, GeoDigital Insight connects currently unconnected assets to the virtual grid, enabling smarter decisions on the health of linear assets and their environment. Virtualizing these labor intensive asset inspection and vegetation management processes can reduce workforce exposure to safety-related risks, enhance network reliability, and ensure regulatory compliance.

By creating a ‘virtual grid’, utilities can make remote decisions on the health of their assets and the threats in their environment to reduce cost, increase safety, simplify compliance and increase network reliability. GeoDigital Insight is a proprietary combination of 3D remote-sensing, predictive analytics, artificial intelligence and mobile work software that digitizes business processes for inspecting poles, wires, and the environment that surrounds these linear assets. The core elements of the virtual grid are:

3D Data

A precise 3D perspective of assets via regularly refreshed remotely-sensed big spatial data

Spatial Analytics

Utilities can make objective decisions using predictive algorithms and intelligent recommendations engine


Location Based Mobile Software

Track all work to completion using Insight location-centric mobility sofware

GeoDigital Insight brings these three elements together into packaged solutions to optimize some of the most manual and labor intensive processes:


GeoDigital Vegetation
Address vegetation risk before it causes an outage

Vegetation management remains one of the most manual and human-based processes for utilities today. Many utilities have turned to outsourcing to optimize their spend, but have limited visibility to effectively source, manage and audit the vegetation work completed. GeoDigital Insight is the industry’s most comprehensive vegetation management platform combining regularly refreshed 3D data, analytics and location-based work management software to bring vegetation management into the digital era. Now, utilities can make laser-sharp decisions about which vegetation is at risk of causing an outage or breaches regulatory clearance requirements, and then track work in the field to ensure those risks are resolved. Business processes addressed include: Vegetation Surveys, FAC-003 Clearance, Risk-Based Clearance, Program Management, Pre-Planning, Work Assignment and Executuon.


GeoDigital Inspection
Your assets are your business, insight is ours

Regular asset inspection is vital to the health of infrastructure, but many asset inspection processes still rely on manual inspections. GeoDigital provides tools to virtually inspect assets using high definition imagery collected during vegetation management surveys, or traditional image-based inspection processes to create a digital library of the health of assets which can be tracked over time. Once issues are identified, GeoDigital has industry-specific location-based work management tools to effectively manage the work flow through to deploying your crew to the precise location of the asset in need of maintenance or by initiating a work request to be executed by your existing asset management system. Business processes addressed include: Defect Inspections.


GeoDigital Insight
Survey grade digital insights for capital project planning

GeoDigital is the leading North American supplier of LiDAR and imaging technology for the utilities industry, and has delivered almost as many miles as the rest of the industry combined. Our precision technology captures LiDAR and high definition orthographic and oblique imagery and fuses this together to create a 3D environment. Utilities can utilize LiDAR data to perform FAC008 analysis as well as engineering hard clearance analysis. GeoDigital also offers services to build using high-precision PLS-CADD models. Business processes addressed include: Engineering Surveys, Hard Clearance, Engineering Models.