About Us

We connect critical infrastructure with people, cars and machines.

Atlanta-based GeoDigital uses 3D data, remote sensor and spatial intelligence technologies to connect critical infrastructure with people, cars and machines. The mission: Drive safety, reliability, productivity and innovation in the 3D virtual world.

Its flagship Utilities platform-as-a-service, GeoDigital Insight, digitally replicates the real-world environment, creating a digital grid that enables power companies to virtually monitor and inspect widely dispersed transmission and distribution assets, and the environment that surrounds them. Prioritizing and pre-empting outage risks has significant reliability, safety and cost advantages.

GeoDigital’s flagship Automotive solution, Digital Driving Platform, uses similar technology to build ultra-precise digital road maps to guide self-driving cars traveling at high speeds. The company’s digital roads database includes the largest and most precise digital road map of North America’s multi-lane highways ever built. Onboard software Assist, enables onboard sensors to interact with the map to identify critical road features, accurately position the vehicle, and update the digital roads database via crowd sourcing and the industrial cloud.

Founded in 2005, GeoDigital has 140 employees and operates in the United States, Canada, and Australia.  Its investors include NGP Energy Technology Partners, North Sky Capital, EnerTech Capital and Emerald Technology Ventures.