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    Big spatial data and insight – the future is precisely here.
  • Utility corridors meet spatial precision

    One tree. 55 million impacted in blackouts: Meet the one solution for transmission vegetation management.
  • Our autonomous driving future is guided by GeoDigital

    Horsepower meet the cloud power. GeoDigital Autonomous driving.
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GeoDigital - Big spatial data and insight

GeoDigital is unleashing the power of ‘big spatial data’ and insight to maximize the reliability of power grids, drive toward autonomous vehicles, and provide spatial insight to solve complex industrial challenges like no other. Brilliant decisions come from being able to see, understand, measure, and predict the digital world first to reduce real world risk. GeoDigital unlocks this world with digital precision by fusing 3D maps - built on remote sensing and imaging technologies such as LiDAR - with industry analytics and location-based work management software. Today, and in our increasingly autonomous future, GeoDigital guides people, autonomous cars, machines and infrastructure for a safer, more reliable and productive world.

Press Releases

  • Strategic Investors at GeoDigital +

    GeoDigital International Inc. (“GDI”), the leading provider of next‐generation 4D Geospatial imaging and business intelligence solutions, announced today that it Read More
  • Xcel Energy to Implement GeoDigital for Vegetation and Pole Management +

    GeoDigital today announced that Minneapolis-based Xcel Energy (NYSE: XEL) has chosen to implement its WorkStudio work management system for Vegetation Read More
  • Former NERC Senior Investigator Endorses GeoDigital's PCM Program with WorkStudio Software for FAC-003-3 Compliance +

    Robert Novembri, former NERC Senior Investigator and utility vegetation management expert, has concluded that GeoDigital’s Precision Corridor Management (PCM) solution, Read More
  • GeoDigital and Google to Present Important Vegetation Management Webinar +

    Power transmission utility owners and operators face significant challenges when it comes to managing their utility corridors. GeoDigital and Google Read More
  • NERC FAC-003-2 goes into effect July 1, 2014. Will you be ready to comply? PCM from GeoDigital will assure that you are! +

    Our PCM Program for Electric Utilities empowers you in these areas: Streamlined Decision Making PCM provides you with knowledge, data Read More
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